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Sidewalk and Steelqueen

Roots/Rock Duo—Eclectic Energy with an Edge

Sidewalk & Steelqueen by Carol Coronis and Tom Richter CD cover


Combining earthy roots and rock with a Celtic twist and a visit to the sea for a sound that is a mix of eclectic energy and intensity, Sidewalk and Steelqueen features Tom Richter on claw-hammer banjo and guitar and Carol Coronis on cittern. Their passionate delivery brings a decidedly edgy kick to eight traditional and original songs in the roots genre.

Original repertoire includes songs penned by Tom Richter, Steve Codd & Carol Coronis, Jerry Tillett, and John Richter. Traditional songs feature Huddle Ledbetter, Robert Burns, and Dave Moran/Nick Jones.

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Guest Musicians

EJ Ouellette:  fiddle and bass

Gary Feldman, Peter Whitehead, and Chuck Coronis:  drums

Shane Pender:  bass

Produced by EJ Ouellette at Whole Music Studios.

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    1. Ride That Train (wr. By Tom Richter)
      Gary Feldman, drums • EJ Ouellette, fiddle • Shane Pender, bass
    2. In the Pines (Huddle Ledbetter)
      Peter Whitehead, drums  • EJ Ouellette, fiddle and bass
    3. Bedlam Boys (music wr, by Dave Moran and Nic Jones)
      Gary Feldman, drums • EJ Ouellette, bass
    4.  Forty Bucks (wr. by Jerry Tillett)
      Gary Feldman, drums • EJ Ouellette, bass
    5. Angel Gabriel (Trad)
      Chuck Coronis, drums • EJ Ouellette, bass
    6. The Bonnie Lass of Albany. (Robert Burns)
      Gary Feldman, drums • EJ Ouellette, fiddle and bass 
    7.  St. Brendan’s Chant. (wr. By John Richter—Tom’s brother)
      Tom Richer, guitar • Carol Coronis, cittern

    Girl from Thessaly

    Carol Coronis CD coverThe deep cultural roots music of Greece, Macedonia, Turkey, Arabia, and a bit of Ireland is delivered with energy and intensity in this collection of thirteen traditional and original songs. Reaching into her own roots of Greece and Macedonia, Carol’s soulfully powered vocals and compelling command of the cittern bring a decidedly edgy kick to the old world music of Anatolia and the Aegean.

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    “Girl from Thessaly” is also available at:

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Nina Nai Nai
Enas Aetos
Toulia’s Turkish Cab Ride
Tria Pethia
Persephone’s Harvest
Thalassaki Mou
Dance of the Warrior Gods
Rampi Rampi
Banish Misfortune
St. Basil Is Coming
Samiotisa/Yerakina/O Mitros Ki E Marina